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Lace Cow Studs

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♡ uniquely hand-made & material information

The earrings are made using polymer clay that I design, shape, bake, drill and attach with special attention to detail.

Each earring is handmade with care. This means that even earrings within a pair can have their own small and unique differences. That’s what makes handmade special!

I use a variety of products to construct my earrings. Some products that I love it use in addition to polymer clay are brass pendants or hoops, gold plated posts, stainless steel posts and backings, and acrylic paint. 

Each earring is finished with backing material that is perfect for sensitive ears and should not cause irritation. Gold plated posts and stainless steel make my earrings the perfect fit for anyone who struggles with irritation from earrings. 

♡ care

Polymer clay is a strong material, but the earrings will still break if they are flexed or bent.

Be sure to remove your earrings when showering, swimming or sleeping.

Take care to avoid contact with makeup as this may leave residue on the earrings, potentially staining them.

Store them in a dry and safe location.

Lace Cow Studs | Rainbow Mill Shoppe